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Title: Waqaf Management in Brunei Darussalam
Other Titles: Pengurusan Wakaf di Brunei Darussalam
Authors: Abdul Haadi Arif bin Abd Lakim
Publisher: Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: This study will discuss the importance of wakaf management, on how the management of wakaf is prepared by the wakaf manager (Brunei Islamic Religious Council). This study starts with explaining the concept of endowment where, the researcher focused on several types of endowment and endowment assets. The researcher also states some of the mauquf 'alaihi or the recipients of the endowment in the country in general. The researcher also explains some of the problems and challenges faced by the wakaf manager (Brunei Islamic Religious Council) in this country and the problems faced by the developer (Badan Tanmiah Harta MUIB) in developing the endowment assets, as well as preserving on its perpetuity. In this study, the researcher also discussed how the wakaf properties contributes to the socioeconomic of Brunei and the researcher explains whether the existing wakaf properties could help in alleviating poverty and unemployment and to know whether the cash awqaf can be another way of Islamic financial tools in the poverty alleviation and unemployment as one types of wakaf properties available in this country, which based on the existing types of wakaf properties till the year 2011 only.
Keywords: Endowments
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